More than just a keg scale

Need to weigh beer kegs? Need some kind of draft beer measure? You’ve looked at beer keg supplies companies? Done web searches forkeg beer equipment? You may have looked at keg meters and draft beer flow control systems. The bottom line is that you need to boost your draft beer profit (and hence your bar profit). Your search is over.

A keg scale (of which there are different, usually expensive choices available) will weigh the keg, telling you how many gallons/pints/fluid ounces are in there. But more important than this, a draft beer inventory checking scale will let the staff know that they can’t give your beeraway for free! This is the crucial element to good beer inventory control. Typically the bartenders take for granted that they can’t give away too much liquor – it’s measured or weighed regularly & the shortage will quickly be spotted. Same goes for wine, and bottled beers, which are fast items to count. But your draft beer could be where your biggest losses are, and in turn your biggest potential to increase your bar profitsfast!

The Keg Check keg scale allows you to check your draft beer levels – accurate to within a couple of pints – at any time, taking only seconds per keg. Remember, it’s important that the bartenders know you’re checking. Some organizations write the inventory on a chart on the wall of the cooler for all to see – starting levels, shift-change levels, POS sales & any shortages. This level of visibility will put your draft beer profit back where it belongs – in your pocket!