Keep control of your draft beer inventory

Only you can determine what will be the best practice for checking your beer and liquor inventories. And you need the right tools to do the job. Keg Check is just that – a simple to use, reliable, sturdy keg scale that will last for years & pay for itself over & over – the ultimate beer measure.

We’ve had feedback saying that some bar owners put the responsibility for beer inventory control on the bartenders themselves – they have to use the Keg Check to weigh the beer, fill in the inventory for each draft (in addition to bottled beer count, wine & liquor) and have this ready at the start of every shift. This takes the pressure off you – the manager or owner – and you only need perform random ‘audits’ to check their figures. This is what good beer control is all about.

This system is sometimes combined with giving the bartenders a ‘budget’ of free beer – for example 4 pints per shift – which they can use how they please – and if they don’t use it they get to keep the cash equivalent of your cost on the 4 pints! The bottom line is you have to get creative with draft beer inventory control & keep more of your bar profits.

And it all starts with a Keg Check – keg beer equipment at its best. Boost your bar profit & buy one today!