Draft beer inventory control company

The hospitality business has always been beleaguered by draft beer losses – loss resulting from spillage, bad pours, staff ‘helping themselves’ and ‘freebies’ to a friend or to increase tips. All of which eats into your bar profit. Estimates have put the number loss as high as 25% – a startling one in every four kegs poured! Despite this, draft beer sales are still one of the most profitable categories on-premise (draft beer can regularly yield over 75% profit), and draft beer is a key ingredient of any bar or restaurant operation. So the challenge is to find keg beer equipment that will let you find out how much beer is in a keg – i.e. a beer measure or keg meter / keg scale that is both easy to use & practical for a busy bar operation.

Keg Check focuses in on this issue, and offers restaurant & bar operators with an ideal tool to implement a beer control program and increase your bar profit. The Keg Check can literally pay for itself in weeks – even days in some cases – And it will last for years.

With so many solutions out there to check draft beer – keg meters, keg scales, flow-control products, digital scales & so on – how do you pick the right one? The simple answer is ‘keep it simple’ – Do you really want the hassle of calling tech support people when your draft beer measuring system is acting up or just stops working?

The Keg Check is a simple keg scale – and as such will be one of your most valued pieces of draft beer equipment. It clips on the edge of a keg, you use it to tilt the keg & a scale on the handle tells you how many gallons are in the keg. Keg weighing doesn’t get any easier than this.