Keg Check USA -The draft beer keg measuring solution.!

Keg Check USA is the only company offering a simple long-lasting solution to measure your draft beer inventory. Period. There are ‘keg weighing scale‘ solutions which are more expensive (& can be a major pain to use- can your bartenders or bar manager physically pick up each keg & move it onto a weighing scale, then pick it up & put it back on the floor or shelf-rack? For each keg, at each stock-check?)

In considering draft beer equipment, you may use an expensive draft beer flow control system – so you’ll know what has come out of the tap – maybe. But what if the calibration is slightly wrong or develops a common fault? Next thing you know the system is saying ‘time to change the keg‘ but it turns out you still have a gallon in there! – Can you afford to throw that gallon away? The Keg Check is the ultimate ‘check & balance’ for a draft beer flow control system.

Want to know how much is left in the draft beer keg? – Be certain – get a Keg Check!