Beer Control.

It’s all about knowledge. How much you know about your draft beer inventory allows you to have effective beer control. And good beer control will get you more bar profit – which is what you’re doing all this work for in the first place!

So beer needs a measure of sales & inventory. The most effective method to get a draft beer measure is weighing the keg – but this is not as easy as it sounds, with very heavy kegs & complex tubes & pipes attached all over the place. Until now. The Keg Check beer measure scale puts draft beer control back in your hands – it’s simple to use, you don’t have to pick the whole keg up off the floor, and it’s fast. All of which makes it very effective, which translates into more bar profit for your business.

So what is a Keg Check? It’s simply a hand-held beer keg scale that will give you a simple & fast beer measure on your draft kegs. It’s based on the torque wrench principle – the heavier the keg (more beer), the more force is needed to tilt the keg, so the higher the reading of gallons on the scale. Check out the “how it works” link & you can see a 20 second demo – see just how simple it is to get a quick & accurate beer measure from your draft kegs. You’re on your way to higher bar profits already!