• "Saving as little as one 'free' beer an hour means you can be up by $250 per month."
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Draft beer inventory measuring scale


Ask yourself :
  • Are your draft beer keg figures correct?
  • Are your beer suppliers reporting your bad-keg returns correctly?
  • On your days off and vacations, are your draft beer sales genuinely correct?
  • Is your 'cash-register' or 'POS system' reported stock the same as your actual stock?
  • If you can't answer "yes" to all of these questions...

You need a Keg Check.

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Keg Check is a simple mechanical tool that allows you to check keg levels quickly and efficiently:

  • No special skills are required to use a Keg Check.
  • Tough construction ensures a long life.
  • No batteries needed - mechanical device.
  • No complex moving parts to worry about.
  • Can be used on the majority of 13.2 gallon and 15.5 gallon keg types.
  • Available in 30 / 50 litre version both on 1 Kegcheck. The 30L keg is calibrated on the right side of the Kegcheck handle, and the 50L keg is on the left side. Please specify when ordering that you'd like the liters (litres) version.

Keg Check pays for itself:

  • How much do you turnover in a week or a month or a year?
  • Do your bartenders really charge for all those draft pints when they know you can't check draft beer stock easily?
  • Inaccuracy adds up. You can lose money every day. It need not happen.

Reclaim your draft beer profit - get a Keg Check

Draft beer measure keg scale

The Keg Check scale

"Mitchels & Butlers operates nearly 2000 restaurants and bars. In my role as head of Retail Audit Team for the company we have now endorsed the keg check for use throughout the estate."
- Darren Simpkin,General Manager - Risk & Compliance

What's the alternative to Keg Check?

Most draft beer flow-control & pour-control systems on the market are high priced, taking a long time to pay for themselves (and hence boost your bar profit). Some are plagued with problems because of their inherent complexity. And they often still miss one vital ingredient - how much beer is actually left in the keg! So your POS system says you've sold 50 pints, your draft keg flow control system says you're pulled 52 pints. But where is the check on these numbers? - the reality is that you still need to know what's in the keg. If not, it's like using your ATM card without any idea what balance is in your bank account! The Keg Check removes all doubt. Taking only seconds per keg and usually with no need to remove the pipes you can get an accurate measure of the draft beer content (+/- approx. 2 pints). This simplicity & speed of use is vital in the busy bar & restaurant trade. In a business with so many 'moving parts' - staff, inventory, customers, suppliers, licensing, inspectors, maintenance, landlords, computer systems, payroll, banking etc. - much of which changes in real time - the last thing the manager needs is a tech-headache from some great new 'beer measuring system'. Do you really want to be stuck on a tech support line to a draft-beer flow-control company during Happy Hour? Do you want the staff to know that the new beer-measuring system is "off line" for the weekend, so there'll be no restriction on giveaways? No? - Then get a Keg Check!